Tips for a more sustainable skincare routine

Finding the perfect skincare routine that works for your skin type can be a long (and sometimes painful process). Whether you're a seasoned beauty guru and love your five-step routine, or you're a minimalist and enjoy the simplicity of one product, your skin concerns are unique. Even when you find your perfect routine, have you thought about the environmental impact of your daily ritual?

Saving skin is one thing, but Clinical Health Technologies, the manufacturers of Clinisoothe+, are also doing their very best to save the planet. Although we are not yet a fully sustainable brand, we are well on the way to becoming one. All the components of CHT’s products are already fully recyclable, vegan friendly and cruelty-free. As part of our sustainability strategy, they are investigating further ways of minimising our geo-impact.

It’s not always easy to reduce packaging if your product is a liquid solution, but we are working hard to make sure that the benefits of Clinisoothe+ technology are not offset by the resources used to produce them. We already generate a large proportion of our own electricity from solar panels on our manufacturing facilities and we are currently evaluating the possibility of adopting biodegradable packaging made from bi-product sugarcane pulp. 


5 tips for a more sustainable skincare routine 

1. Swap out the face wipes

(1) Did you know most face wipes take over 100 years to break down in a landfill, which means they're non-flushable, non-recyclable and not great for the environment (or your skin). Instead, try using reusable muslin cloths, flannels or bamboo rounds to remove your make up. They're gentler on the skin and much kinder to the environment. 

2. Buy from vegan and cruelty-free brands 

Just like Clinisoothe+, vegan and cruelty-free brands do not test on animals or use animal bi-products as part of their range. By making the switch to cruelty-free products, you are helping to combat the large environmental and ethical impact that non cruelty-free brands contribute to. 

 3. Upcycle your beauty product packaging

If you're looking to make your beauty routine sustainable, recycling or upcycling your empty bottles and cartons is a great place to start. Try to be creative! Glass bottles make great planters for succulents, whilst pump bottles and tubs make a great container for DIY skincare. 

4. Reduce your water usage

When washing your face in the AM, you could try using cold water instead of running the tap and waiting for it to warm up. You'll avoid wasting unnecessary water and a splash of cooling water is a refreshing way to way up and rejuvenate your skin after a long night of shut-eye.   

5. Choose products that contain non-toxic ingredients.

If the products you use on your face contain toxic ingredients, the chances are they're not great for the environment, or your skin. Clinisoothe+ is completely non-cytotoxic and contains no nasties that could irritate your skin. Good for you, and the planet? Win, win.

Try Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier, a gentle product to add to your skincare routine. Simply spritz your skin after cleansing and allow the product to soothe redness or irritation.

Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier  £14.95/100ml