How To Treat Rosacea: Advice From Skincare Expert, Dr Anna Hemming

What Is Rosacea and How To Treat It

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that predominantly affects the face. ​​Rosacea's trademark symptoms are redness of the skin (usually on the centre of the face) and sometimes small pus-filled bumps. People often mistake rosacea for acne, eczema, or an allergic skin reaction. Unfortunately Rosacea can’t be completely cured, however fortunately there are ways to manage it. 

What Are The Different Types of Rosacea?

There are four types of Rosacea. (1)
  1. Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea - this is the most common type. It consists of persistent redness on the face and visible blood blood vessels beneath the skin
  2. Papulopustular Rosacea - associated with whitehead pustules (blemishes or swollen bumps filled with pus), frequently misidentified as acne. 
  3. Phymatous Rosacea - causes skin to thicken and scar, making it bumpy, swollen and sometimes discoloured.
  4. Ocular Rosacea - symptoms affect the eyes, causing them to look watery or bloodshot. Causes persistently dry and sensitive eyes with cysts sometimes forming on the eyelids.

What Causes Rosacea Flare Ups?

Those who suffer with Rosacea often have flare-ups that come and go. This may happen every few weeks or every few months. If not treated, Rosacea tends to get worse over time. (2), (3) The condition can also be made worse by:
  • Sun
  • Heat
  • Spicy foods
  • Cheese
  • Alcohol
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Hot drinks
  • Irritation from skin products
  • Certain medicines

How to Manage Rosacea

Dr Zoe Williams and Dr Amiee hosted a Rosacea masterclass on Instagram where they shared some valuable information and advice. Dr Aimee suggested strengthening your skin barrier with gentle skin care ingredients, particularly antioxidant ingredients. Niacinamide for example is very hydrating and antinflammatory and may help to reduce redness. Dr Aimee also insisted to not forget to moisturise and support your skin barrier, however be sure to avoid non-oily products. You want to avoid clogging your pores and creating congested skin. An absolute must for those with Rosacea is SPF protection - ideally physical/mineral sunscreens as opposed to chemical options as these are more triggering for Rosacea prone skin. You can also get tinted spfs that minimise redness. Within this masterclass, they also highly recommended our Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier. 

Expert Rosacea Advice From Dr Anna Hemming

If you have rosacea, one of the best things is to try to minimise the triggers. These can be wide ranging and may include oily skincare, spicy food, certain types of exercise. Calming the skin with effective medical skincare helps. For certain aspects of rosacea treatment, we offer the Cutera Excel V+ laser treatment as the best vascular laser to minimise redness and thread veins on the skin surface. We support the skin and minimise oil production using ZO skin health professional skincare and Clinisoothe+ to keep the skin clean, calm and to soothe it before and after all of our clinic treatments. Some of our patients use Clinisoothe+ at home too.

Clinisoothe+ & Rosacea

Our Skin Purifier is award-winning for Rosacea! Clinisoothe+ was awarded Best Product for Rosacea at the Marie Claire Skin Awards 2022. Our advanced high purity hypochlorous technology soothes and calms the skin, balances redness and promotes rapid skin recovery from irritation, with visible results.


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Dr Anna Hemming
Founder, Owner and Medical Director of Thames Skin Clinic, Twickenham. Speaker, KOL and Ambassador within the Medical Aesthetic Specialty
(3) NHS