Skincare expert Pamela Marshall shares her ultimate skin routine

Clinisoothe+ teamed up with the lovely Pamela Marshall, expert aesthetician and founder of Mortar & Milk in Fulham, London to discuss all things skin. Frustrated by the way the science of skin was being explained (or not) to consumers, Pam has a stripped back, simple and sensible approach to skin. Read on to discover her skincare secrets and ultimate healthy skin routine featuring Pam's favourite product, Clinisoothe+. 
Pamela Marshall, Mortar & Milk uses Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier
Firstly, I never leave the house without my Clinisoothe+. That's just good life practice. However, it is an essential part of my daily skincare regime. It's the one product I recommend to my clients as an absolute must-have. After cleansing both morning and night, I spray Clinisoothe+ over my face and decollete and leave to sit for 10 - 15 seconds before moving onto my serum. As I live in London, I always carry a bottle and spray my face a few times throughout the day to help protect from air pollution and the dirt and grime that comes from riding public transport. 

The most common term used to describe it by my clients is "miracle" 

 I have watched first hand, time and time again, how this formulation helps calm and soothe skin. It's fantastic for reducing flare-ups, soothing breakouts and calming irritated skin. We use it in treatment to prep the skin, but also send it home with every client. There is a long list of stories from clients on how they've used their Clinisoothe+, everything from Lemur bites in Madagascar to bedsores and yeast infections. The most common term used to describe it by my clients is "miracle". 

How to use Clinisoothe+ in your skincare routine 

I always recommend spraying the face both morning and night after cleansing. Waiting 10 - 15 seconds before moving onto your next step in your routine. It can also be sprayed to face after wearing a protective face mask for long periods of time, and as well to clean the inside of hat brims, cycling hats, sunglasses etc. 
Clinisoothe+ is gentle enough to use with any serums or moisturisers. It is neutral pH and non-cytotoxic, making it extremely gentle but also very effective. For our acne clients, we always pair it with a treatment moisturiser formulated with mandelic acid and polyhydroxy acids. The two together are brilliant for calming inflamed skin. It can also work well with Vitamin C and Retinoids which have a tendency to cause redness. I believe everyone needs an excellent gentle cleanser, Clinisoothe+, a treatment serum, a treatment moisturiser and a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher in the morning. I personally use 4 products both morning and night. In the winter I add an eye cream. If you have the right formulations for your skin, there is no need for having more than 4 or 5 products for your morning and evening routine combined.
My approach to skincare is minimal. I believe the industry likes to sell products and has most people believing that they need to use more products than necessary, and far too many harsh products. Most inflammed skin we see in clinic at Mortar & Milk comes down to the fact that clients are overusing AHA's and retinols. There is definitely a place for those ingredients, but not as part of a daily routine. Using clinical formulations mean that you don't need to have loads of products. This also means we aren't creating a beauty graveyard in our bathrooms. One of the many reasons why I love Clinisoothe+ is because every component is recyclable. When you're using a formulation that actually works, and is fully recyclable, then it's far more "sustainable" than a product that is sustainably packaged but has low efficacy. Because it doesn't work, you'll move onto something else mid-usage. It's the reason we all have too many products.
Clinisoothe+ is suitable for all skin types, however, it is especially helpful to acneic and inflammed or irritated skin. I recommend it to all my acne and rosacea clients. Even if the symptoms are very mild.

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