Who What Wear | Skin Experts Say This Is the Best Way to Stop Mask-Induced Breakouts

Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier was featured in Who What Wear in February 2021. Read the full article written by Shannon Lawlor, here.

image: @alyssainthecity


'First and foremost, Skin Purifier is a hypochlorous facial mist that offers antimicrobial protection (which essentially means it kills off all of the bad bacteria that breeds underneath our face masks). Unlike other mists, which offer little more than a hydrating refresh, this stuff is no-frills. Simply spritz it onto the skin before and after you put your mask on (and after cleansing morning and night to help tackle general breakouts) and go about your business without fear of breakout-inducing bacteria being trapped underneath.

So what’s the catch? Usually, solutions that work to banish bacteria in this way are incredibly harsh on the skin, upsetting its natural pH balance and leading to dryness and irritation. However, Clinisoothe+'s product is specially formulated with a skin-neutral pH and is great for sensitive skin, too. (I can vouch for that.) Sure, it doesn’t come with any of the self-care, mind-calming benefits of normal face mists, but trust me when I say this stuff works.' Shannon Lawlor, Who What Wear